Laundry Rooms in Geelong for Bespoke Laundry Designs & Installations

Imperial Kitchens has over 15 years of accredited industry experience in laundry rooms, kitchens and bathroom designs. Our well-equipped showroom is situated in Moolap in the heart of Geelong where we can provide a free laundry room consultation by appointment. We specialise in complete bespoke luxury laundry room designs with in-house manufacturing for complete customisation.

With this experience, our combined knowledge of over 30 years, supplier partnerships, innovative designs, staff training and the latest technology in our process, Imperial Kitchens prides itself on customer satisfaction and first-class workmanship every step of the way.


All Styles of Laundry Rooms

Whatever style of laundry you’re looking for, we can help you design it. From contemporary to traditional and everything in between, our in-house designer and our leading supply partners will have all the parts necessary for you to design your own bespoke luxury laundry room. We will help you maximise the space you have as often a dedicated laundry room will not be that big.

Basement Laundry

Basement laundry rooms offer a retreat for washing and drying clothes away from the main living areas. With climate control often in place, they provide a comfortable environment for chores. The potential for expansion makes basements versatile, accommodating additional storage or workspaces. However, the inconvenience of navigating stairs can deter frequent use, leading to under-use.

Garage Laundry

Garage laundry setups capitalise on space efficiency and flexibility. They offer ample room for storage and potential expansions like folding tables and shelving. However, the lack of climate control in unheated garages can pose challenges, especially in colder climates, impacting the comfort and convenience of laundry tasks but this is usually easily outweighed by the space available.

Hall Laundry

Hallway laundry setups prioritise convenience, placing washers and dryers within easy reach. This streamlined approach minimises effort, allowing for quick laundry management. However, the limited space for hamper or basket placement can lead to clutter, necessitating creative solutions for storage.

Laundry And Ironing Room

Laundry and folding rooms represent the pinnacle of laundry aspirations, combining functionality with aesthetics. With ample space for cabinets, countertops, and sorting, they streamline laundry tasks and conceal them from main living areas. However, the cost of installation can be off-putting, requiring careful budgeting and planning plus the availability of a dedicated utility room, but once in place this usually outweighs the cost while increasing your home's property value.

Laundry Closet

Laundry closets epitomise efficiency in compact spaces, housing washers and dryers while conserving room footprint. Their accessibility and unobtrusive design make them popular choices, particularly in smaller homes and apartments. However, the limited storage capacity and absence of dedicated space for laundry baskets can pose challenges in organising supplies. Despite these constraints, laundry closets offer a practical solution for integrating laundry facilities seamlessly into living spaces, optimising convenience without sacrificing functionality.

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Free Laundry Room Consultation and Design

Imperial Kitchens has one of the best designers in the trade. Book an appointment today to start your perfect laundry room journey. You will get a free in-home or showroom consultation (usually between 1 - 2 hours) where we can discuss your needs, show you how we can achieve your design goals and meet your budget to create your perfect laundry room.

Our Process

Imperial Kitchens has a unique and all-encompassing process to ensure you get the best laundry room, kitchen or bathroom possible. Read more here on how we work with you.

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Custom Cabinetry and Manufacturing

We have in-house manufacturing and assembly, capable of creating almost any style of custom modifications or cabinetry to the highest standards. Being able to make something that fits perfectly is a huge bonus when it comes to launries or any kind of renovation. Our cabinet makers are experts at joinery which is the most difficult and crucial part of bathroom design and what will set our laundries apart from the competition.

Why Choose Imperial Kitchens?

Over 30 Years of Combined Experience
Best Manufacturers
Family Owned & Operated
In-House Manufacturing
Industry Reputable
Excellent Reputation
State-of-the-Art 3D Design Process
Unique Installation Process
Quality Workmanship
Free Consultations, Quotes & Designs

Free Laundry Room Consultation and Design

Imperial Kitchens has one of the best designers in the trade. Book an appointment today to start your perfect laundry room journey. You will get a free in-home or showroom consultation (usually between 1 - 2 hours) where we can discuss your needs, show you how we can achieve your design goals and meet your budget to create your perfect laundry room.

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Premium Laundry Brands

We have partnered with some of the finest suppliers of kitchens and bathrooms in the world giving you an incredible choice of options to create the exact laundry room you want.

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Premium Partners

At Imperial Kitchens, the utmost care and pride goes into the creation of every one of our kitchens. This same attention to detail is applied to the selection of our premium partners, so that we can offer you a range of only the best products and trades that you can rely on. From every trade, to the hardware and appliances, our premium partners can offer an impressive range and service to complete your perfect kitchen.

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Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, absolutely. After your initial consultation with one of our designers, the quoting process usually takes 24-36 hours depending on your requirements. All of this is considered part of our overall customer service and there is no extra or hidden charges.

How expensive are your laundries?

We aren’t a budget laundry company, we provide mid to high-level laundries and joinery using some of the world's leading suppliers. Our laundries will last a lifetime and are very good value for the money considering we handle absolutely everything from the design process through to installation.
In saying that, there are different ways to reduce costs and our designers will have ideas on how best to achieve your budget.

How long does a free consultation last?

Once you have booked an appointment, usually the initial consultation will take from 1 to 2 hours. From then we will work closely with you to complete your perfect laundry design to fulfil your needs and your budget. The consultation process can be in your own home or at our showroom (by appointment only).

How quickly can I get a laundry room design?

After your initial consultation, the complete design process can take as little as a week or as long as a month, depending on how complex your laundry design is and other variables like having more than one option of layout or style. Some people have a very good idea of what they want, other customers rely on our design skills to help them realise their dream laundry.

Will you remove our existing laundry?

Yes, absolutely. Our process is somewhat unique in that we handle literally everything, every step of the way. Including design, removal of existing laundry supply, manufacturing and expert installation.

Do you provide supply only?

Yes, we are happy to provide supply only. However, most people usually don’t have the resources, carpentry and cabinetry skills necessary to install on their own. We usually take care of everything as this is usually much better value for money (see below)

Can I install the laundry myself?

Technically yes, but we usually strongly recommend that you don't. Installation is a serious skill and so is project management. There are so many big and easy mistakes that can be made that will seriously harm your cost, timeline and worse; your laundry itself. We do strongly recommend you leave the whole process to Imperial Kitchens, it usually works out cheaper in the long run and saves you all the stress and hassle. Besides, we love it, and most people don’t

What costs are included in my quote?

There are two options here.
We can quote on our services only - design, manufacture, assembly and installation. Or we can quote on the full package -project managing the entire job and taking the other trades of your hands also, for example the electrician and plumber. Imperial Kitchens work alongside trusted partners to bring you the whole package if this option is more appealing to you.

Does Imperial Kitchens carry out the installation?

Yes, all the steps in the entire process are undertaken by Imperial Kitchens. Installation of your joinery is included in your quotation.

What warranties do you provide?

Apart from supplier warranties. which can vary, Imperial Kitchens provides a 10-year warranty on all our work. That's how confident we are in our abilities to deliver luxury kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

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