Must-Have Features In A Luxury Kitchen Design in 2023

In the realm of modern kitchens, functionality is paramount, but aesthetics also play a crucial role. Today's luxury kitchen design goes beyond expensive materials and exotic wood cabinets; it focuses on optimising space and creating a functional kitchen with intelligent solutions for everyday use. While the term 'high-end design' may evoke specific visual expectations, the reality is that such design spans a wide range of styles based on individual preferences.

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Luxury Kitchen Design Elements 2023

Whether you envision a mid-century modern or a Shaker-style kitchen, both are achievable with a high-end kitchen design approach. Regardless of your design theme, incorporating certain features is essential to achieve that luxurious kitchen atmosphere. Let’s take a look at some of the elements you probably want to include in your design and budget for.

In no particular order, the following are definitely some of the crucial design elements that we at Imperial Kitchens would advise you incorporate into your design with us.

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  • Seamlessly Built In Fridge - A kitchen essential, the refrigerator is the go-to appliance for cooking and late-night snacks. Luxury kitchen design emphasises integrating the fridge seamlessly into the space, avoiding protrusions that take up valuable space. Achieve a cohesive look by consulting with our Puustelli designer on incorporating a panel-ready fridge into your kitchen design
  • Open Layout for Cooking and Entertaining - While not always feasible in every home, modern kitchen designs often include ample space for both cooking and hosting guests. For those who love hosting family gatherings and socialising, an open layout is essential. Consider this when planning the blueprints for your kitchen
  • Hidden bins and Recycling - Keep your kitchen tidy by concealing trash and recycling bins. Placing them beside the kitchen island can add bulk and disrupt the overall design. Consult with your kitchen designer to seamlessly integrate waste bins near the sink or as part of the kitchen island, making cleanup efficient and unobtrusive
  • Cabinets That Impress - The focal point of your high-end kitchen, cabinets set the tone for the entire space. Explore options in colour, style, and material that align with your functional needs and personal taste. Puustelli offers cabinets that marry functionality with modern, minimalist design, emphasising sustainability
  • Durable Flooring - Given the high traffic in the kitchen, choose flooring that complements your cabinets and withstands regular use. Hardwood, tile, and luxury vinyl flooring are excellent choices recognised for their durability in the home industry. Investing in quality flooring and cabinetry reduces the need for future repairs
  • High-Performance Appliances - The functionality of your kitchen is driven by the appliances you choose. For avid cooks and entertainers, consider including top-notch appliances such as ranges, ovens, steam ovens, and accessories. Explore brands like Miele and Wolf for inspiration on high-performance options
  • Stunning Countertops - Selecting the right countertop is as exciting as choosing cabinets. Explore luxury options such as quartz, granite, or wood, each offering unique benefits. Match the material to your needs and consult resources like HGTV for guidance on choosing the ideal countertop
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  • Smart-Home Features for Convenience - Modern luxury kitchens embrace technology to enhance functionality. Integrate smart-home features like the Instant Pot, Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer, or the GeniCan for automated shopping list updates. Stay abreast of technological innovations to create a more efficient kitchen space
  • Functional Kitchen Islands -The kitchen island is a central feature in luxury kitchens, serving as a focal point for gatherings and meal preparation. Enhance its functionality by adding a sink or stovetop. In larger kitchens, consider incorporating two islands—one for cooking and storage, and the other for entertaining
  • Concealed Appliances - Hidden appliances are a popular trend in custom luxury kitchens, providing a seamless look to cabinets. Explore specialised cabinets that discreetly house the fridge and microwave. Custom drawers within cabinets can stow away small appliances, ensuring a clean and modern appearance
  • Integrated Lighting - Combat poor overhead lighting with integrated lighting built directly into cabinets and kitchen spaces. LED strips beneath cabinets offer a subtle glow for tasks, while customisable LED lights can create ambience. Illuminate cabinets and drawers upon opening for easy access without fumbling in the dark
  • Purposeful Storage - Customise storage solutions to suit your specific needs, adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen. Transform doors into slide-in features, revealing a coffee and tea nook with mugs and essentials. Optimise drawers for utensils, spice racks, and even garbage cans with pull-out drawers, ensuring a tidy and accessible kitchen
  • Signature Sinks - As the most-used appliance in the kitchen, the sink deserves special attention. Consider installing large farmhouse basin sinks or stainless steel drop-in sinks for a modern, luxurious look. Showcase the sink as a focal point with features like cutting boards and racks

In Summary

All the above elements can usually be incorporated into a mid to high-end new kitchen design. Some of them you will probably have on your list already, some may not. Having most or all of these elements in your kitchen will future-proof it and maximise its longevity as well as make it more enjoyable and also more functional for you.

If the above list of elements seems too much to handle, don’t worry, that's why Imperial Kitchens in Geelong, Melbourne has an experienced professional kitchen designer to help you with all of this so you end up getting your dream kitchen, not ours and avoid any mistakes. Why not book a free consultation today?

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