Laundry Room Styles And Types of Laundry Rooms: A Complete Guide

Before delving into laundry room organisation tips and strategies, it's essential to survey the diverse landscape of laundry room setups. Depending on your living situation, whether nestled in an apartment or residing in a newly refurbished home, your laundry area will vary significantly. You may even easily be able to have a dedicated laundry room.

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Types Of Laundry Room

Each type of laundry space comes with its own array of advantages and drawbacks. As we explore the characteristics of each, consider the potential for optimising your current setup or envisioning a more functional arrangement. There are many more ways to implement a dedicated laundry room in your home than you think.


Laundry Closet

Laundry closets stand as the quintessential locale for housing washers and dryers. These spaces, whether concealed behind doors or openly integrated into the living area, offer convenience and efficiency.


  • Cost-effective and achievable in DIY
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy accessibility


  • Limited storage capacity
  • Absence of dedicated space for more storage or expansion

Laundry And Ironing Room

The epitome of laundry aspirations, the laundry and ironing room conjures images of spacious layouts adorned with cabinets, countertops, and ample sorting space. It's a common target for home renovations, promising both functionality and aesthetics. This definitely requires space and a spare room, usually on the ground floor of larger properties.


  • Abundant room for various tasks
  • Conceals laundry from main living areas


  • Potential higher cost for installation
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Hall Laundry

Frequently encountered, the hall laundry setup streamlines the chore by placing washers and dryers within easy reach along hallway spaces. It's a practical solution for quick access to laundry tasks. Many larger and older houses can have small storage or utility rooms that are ideal for laundry rooms or home offices. If you are lucky to have one of these then you should definitely consider having it converted into a modern laundry room.


  • Convenient accessibility
  • Minimises effort for laundry management


  • Limited space for hamper or basket placement
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Garage Laundry

Borrowing a page from nostalgic TV sets like "Home Improvement," garage laundry setups offer a unique blend of functionality and spatial considerations. The garage's expansive nature allows for creative laundry room expansions, although climate control can pose challenges in colder regions for certain times of the year.


  • Potential for extra storage and work surfaces
  • Flexibility in layout


  • Lack of climate control in unheated garages

Basement Laundry:

A common refuge for laundry appliances, basements provide a climate-controlled environment and the potential for future expansion. However, the inconvenience of navigating stairs for every load can dampen the enthusiasm for laundry duties. Basements are the ultimate laundry space provided they have ample ventilation, otherwise, they are quietly isolated from the rest of the house and aren't taking up valuable space from another room.


  • Climate-controlled environment
  • Opportunity for expansion


  • Minor inconvenience of stairs

A Dedicated Laundry Room Is More Achievable Than You Think

As you contemplate these various laundry room types, consider how each aligns with your lifestyle and space constraints. Whether optimising your current setup or envisioning a future renovation, the key lies in balancing functionality, accessibility, and comfort. Speak to Imperial Kitchens in Geelong today and book a free 30-minute consultation with our professional kitchen, bathroom and laundry room designer either in your home or at our luxury showroom.

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