How To Maximise Space In A Laundry Room - The Best Ways To Use Space: A Guide

There are a few main ways to maximise the space in your laundry room, or even create enough space to be able to have a dedicated laundry room. The following ideas might give you the realisation that a custom laundry room in your home is not only achievable but also very practical.


Stack Your Appliances

Using the standard model of one washing machine and one dryer, stacking them on top of each other with usually the drier on top (as it is lighter) is a great way to maximise the space available without losing any practicality. They can also be placed behind a cupboard door or a simple curtain.

Custom Cabinets

Whilst custom cabinetry can be expensive as part of a laundry room design, it does mean that you can squeeze every available amount of space out of the room or space you have in mind. The cabinets can be made to fit any size or shape and take advantage of height and corners maximising your storage space and hiding what is stored inside.


Utilise All The Available Height

Some basements or garages may have long walls or high ceilings. Either way, all available height should be utilised. Whether for cabinets, shelves or a hanging area, all the practical reachable height means your laundry room won’t get cluttered.

Have A Small Sink

Not every laundry room can house a sink, but most larger ones can, you can still save space by using a smaller sink or having a corner sink. This can mean the difference between having a sink or not having one at all.

Folding Wall Table Or Ironing Board

If counter space is a problem then mounting a foldable table and or ironing board on the wall that can be easily and safely stowed when not in use will also save a great deal of space.

A Dedicated Laundry Room Is More Achievable Than You Think

As you contemplate these various laundry room types, consider how each aligns with your lifestyle and space constraints. Whether optimising your current setup or envisioning a future renovation, the key lies in balancing functionality, accessibility, and comfort. Speak to Imperial Kitchens in Geelong today and book a free 30-minute consultation with our professional kitchen, bathroom and laundry room designer either in your home or at our luxury showroom

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