How To Allocate Your Kitchen Budget And Plan Your Spending

A kitchen (or bathroom) renovation is likely to be one of the most major investments you make in your home so planning it and managing your budget is a crucial part of getting what you want and not ending up being unhappy, or worse, with an unfinished kitchen. As professional kitchen designers, let Imperial Kitchens guide you with some invaluable tips and advice.

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How Much Do I Spend On A New Kitchen?

Well if money were no object then this question wouldn’t arise, but for most of us, it does. Here are some very approximate guides to small, medium and large kitchen renovations and what they averagely cost in Australia presently.

  • Small Kitchen Renovation - Approximately $15,000 to $25,000: This would typically include things like replacing cabinets, painting walls, upgrading the sinks and taps, some tiling and some lighting and budget-friendly benchtop options
  • Mid-Range Kitchen Renovation - Approximately $25,000 to $45,000: Larger sized kitchens with a more luxurious and quality finish can be achieved easily in this budget. This would include all replacement benchtops, cabinets, high-end appliances, sinks and taps, lighting, major tiling and flooring as well as some plumbing work if necessary
  • High-End Kitchen Renovation - Approximately $25,000 +: Very big kitchens with major redesign work and allowing for some structural work too. This would include all replacement benchtops, custom cabinetry, high-end appliances, sinks and taps, lighting, major tiling and flooring as well as some plumbing work if necessary and all products being the most premium and highest quality and technology

Of course, these are only guides, but they should help you get a grip on your overall budget. Style and layout will be very important in knowing what you can and can’t achieve.

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Once You Decide A Budget - Stick To It

This is crucial. Constantly changing your budget will affect everything in your plan. Whilst a well-planned kitchen design can be modified up or down with simple things like adding more just for benchtops or saving some by not updating your appliances, you’ll often not get what you want and waste a lot of time.

Sticking to a budget is actually a lot harder than it sounds but here at Imperial Kitchens we will absolutely help you in this aspect, and we don’t mean spending more. We mean utilising your budget properly so you get what you want and what you can afford, as that's what makes for satisfied customers

Apply the 5% to 15% Rule

Another way of knowing how much to spend is to only approximately spend about 10% of the value of your home with a maximum of 15%. This rule or guide is used by property developers all the time for very good reasons.

Planning Cost Breakdowns

This is where professional kitchen designers like Imperial Kitchens really come into play. We have systems and processes as well as huge experience in this regard. It does help however to help you make a rough plan by knowing some of the allowances of the most common uses of your kitchen budget.

Sat Aside 15% For The Unexpected

We know this sounds like a lot, but usually in any major kitchen project, there might be something that crops up that was unexpected. Giving yourself a bit leftover provides a very welcome safety net that will involve less stress if something does arise, and if it doesn’t, it’s money saved.

This rough guide should help you to know how and where your money is going to get used in your new kitchen:

  • 35% Cabinetry & Benchtops
  • 20%: Labour
  • 20%: Appliances
  • 20% Tiling & Flooring
  • 5 %: Other

List Your Priorities

Make a list of what is most important. It could be more benchtop space or all brand-new cabinets. Whatever your most important factors are, list these as your top considerations and they will be prioritised in any plan or design you have, ensuring that you will always be satisfied. Don’t list everything, just the most important three to five aspects that you would like resolved in your current kitchen.

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Imperial Kitchens has one of the best designers in the trade so being armed with the information above will maximise your time with us on knowing exactly what you want. We don’t expect you to have giant spreadsheets down to the dollar, but a budget, a rough plan,  and some understanding of where your money goes will help during the design process.

Book an appointment today to start your dream kitchen journey. You will get a free in-home or showroom consultation (usually between 1 - 2 hours) where we can discuss your needs, show you how we can achieve your design goals and meet your budget to create your dream kitchen.

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This is where professional kitchen designers really shine. We won’t let you fall into the many design pitfalls and the budgeting aspect will mostly take care of itself once we know what you want. We will always find a way of making it achievable, no matter what your budget as problem-solving and designing are what we do. All this will inherently find it’s way into all of the above allowing you to just enjoy your dream kitchen.

Why Choose Imperial Kitchens?

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Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, absolutely. After your initial consultation with one of our designers, the quoting process usually takes 24-36 hours depending on your requirements. All of this is considered part of our overall customer service and there is no extra or hidden charges

How expensive are your kitchens?

We aren’t a budget kitchen company, we provide mid to high-level kitchens and joinery using some of the world's leading suppliers. Our kitchens will last a lifetime and are very good value for the money considering we handle absolutely everything from the design process through to installation.
In saying that, there are different ways to reduce costs and our designers will have ideas on how best to achieve your budget

How long does a free consultation last?

Once you have booked an appointment, usually the initial consultation will take from 1 to 2 hours. From then we will work closely with you to complete your perfect kitchen design to fulfil your needs and your budget. The consultation process can be in your own home or at our showroom (by appointment only)

How quickly can I get a kitchen design?

After your initial consultation, the complete design process can take as little as a week or as long as a month, depending on how complex your kitchen design is and other variables like having more than one option of layout or style. Some people have a very good idea of what they want, other customers rely on our design skills to help them realise their dream kitchen

Will you remove our existing kitchen?

Yes, absolutely. Our process is somewhat unique in that we handle literally everything, every step of the way. Including design, removal of existing kitchen, supply, manufacturing and expert installation

Do you provide supply only?

Yes, we are happy to provide supply only. However, most people usually don’t have the resources, carpentry and cabinetry skills necessary to install on their own. We usually take care of everything as this is usually much better value for money (see below)

Can I install the kitchen myself?

Technically yes, but we usually strongly recommend that you don't. Installation is a serious skill and so is project management. There are so many big and easy mistakes that can be made that will seriously harm your cost, timeline and worse; your kitchen itself. We do strongly recommend you leave the whole process to Imperial Kitchens, it usually works out cheaper in the long run and saves you all the stress and hassle. Besides, we love it, and most people don’t

What costs are included in my quote?

There are two options here.
We can quote on our services only - design, manufacture, assembly and installation. Or we can quote on the full package -project managing the entire job and taking the other trades of your hands also, for example the electrician and plumber. Imperial Kitchens work alongside trusted partners to bring you the whole package if this option is more appealing to you

Does Imperial Kitchens carry out the installation?

Yes, all the steps in the entire process are undertaken by Imperial Kitchens. Installation of your joinery is included in your quotation

What warranties do you provide?

Apart from supplier warranties. which can vary, Imperial Kitchens provides a 10-year warranty on all our work. That's how confident we are in our abilities to deliver luxury kitchens, bathrooms and laundries

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